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Why choose steel stumps?

Steel is much more versatile than timber or concrete and these days is widely considered the best choice for restumping.

Galvanised steel with painted welds and correct installation will ensure the steel stumps last for decades or longer. Even in coastal environments, steel stumps are the best choice.

Another benefit of using steel stumps is they can support steel beams much better than alternative products, often used in renovations. So in effect, you are future-proofing your home for any renovations to come.

Here are some more reasons why steel stumps are the best choice:

Easy to Adjust

Bohm Industries steel stumps are easily adjustable without the need for heavy hydraulic jacks, packing and lifters.

Quality and Durability

Exposure to the elements leads to a higher change or wear and rust which was common on house stumps in the past. Bohm Industries stumps, on the other hand, have a much lower risk for rust. Bohm Industries applies a long life expectancy by applying the best primers after strenuous preparation.

Fast Results

In the past. House restumping could take up to 3 weeks to level a house. Bohm Industries can relevel your house in less than half of that time.

Save on Labour

Other stumping methods can be costly to install as there is increased labour time and there can be ongoing costs associated. Bohm Industries steel stumps are quick and simple to install, saving you time and money on labour.


Bohm Industries can accurately pre-fabricate (manufacture) all of the products required to get your house level. This removes the need for onsite fabrication used during traditional methods of stumping.

Thinking of switching to steel? Book in a free consultation with the team Bohm Industries on 0438 866 627.

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