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When do I need a restumping expert?

When buying a house on stumps, it’s important to know and understand the tell-tale signs of unstable, damaged or compromised stumps in order to proactively protect the structural integrity of your asset.

Common indicators of compromised stumps include when the doors and windows in your home begin to need extra effort to open or close, or when cracks start to appear in the interior walls. These are the most obvious indicators that your house may need re-levelling.

Bowed floors, cracks in brickwork, a tilted chimney and gaps between the walls and floor or ceiling are more severe indicators that your house has an unstable foundation. Upon noticing any of these signs, it is important to seek the advice of a professional experienced in restumping and re-levelling. At this point, it is advisable not to ignore the symptoms as this will more than likely lead to continued deterioration of the foundations and prove far more costly in the future.

An experienced house restumping and re-levelling expert will conduct an on-site inspection and provide detailed advice on the best course of action for your property.


  • Seek immediate advice from a restumping/re-levelling expert if you notice bowed floors, cracks in brickwork or walls, gaps at wall edges, or doors or windows that don’t open and close properly.

  • Choose a house re-levelling contractor that is a registered member of the Master Builders Association – a national Australian organisation that recognises high quality service providers in the construction industry.

  • Consult your local council to find out which development applications you’ll need to submit and whether your property falls into a heritage listed area (if applicable).


  • It is advisable to engage professionals rather than unlicensed or under qualified entities or personnel. House restumping and re-levelling should only be undertaken by specially trained industry experts.

  • Don’t put it off. Compromised foundations are a safety issue and putting it off will usually result in further costs in the future.

  • Do not DIY! Restumping and re-levelling is a highly specialised skill best left to proven industry experts.

If you suspect your property has foundation issues, or know that you need to have some or all stumps replaced, contact Matt at Bohm Industries through or call today on 0438 866 627 to arrange an inspection and quote.

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