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Top 3 Benefits of Restumping Your Home

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Unfortunately, having house stumps in bad condition is a dangerous situation that can easily go unnoticed by homeowners, until it is too late. When you notice problems with your stumps a professional should always be bought in to do the necessary assessments as to whether restumping is required.

Indicators of a home that may need restumping are found in various places such as doors and windows that may not open and close easily or are no longer square. Cracks may also start appearing in plaster walls or ceilings, floors may become squeaky, wavey or spongy and crack may start appearing in external brickwork.

1. Upgrading To Modern Materials

Restumping in the 21st century has all the benefits of technology - such as materials manufactured specifically to minimise and/or prevent dry rot. You can choose fresh hardwood, concrete or galvanised steel when restumping. At Bohm, we specialise in galvanised steel restumping as it has many benefits including longevity, high strength and ability to adjust.

Dry rot is a common issue in older houses on timber stumps. After a period of time, the dry rot causes other timber in close proximity to deteriorate. Bohm Industries always checks for signs of dry rot during our assessment and throughout the restumping process.

Galvanised steel with painted welds and correct installation will ensure the steel stumps last for decades or longer. Even in coastal environments, steel stumps are the best choice. If you’d like to explore more reasons to choose steel - check out our other blog; Why choose steel stumps?

2. Strengthening Your Home's Foundations

It’s important to protect your property by keeping your home's foundations strong. Restumping can safeguard your foundations from being weakened by the many complications that can arise from stump problems.

One of the largest of these problems is moisture, especially if your house is built on timber stumps. Moisture causes deterioration, attracts destructive pests, spreads dry rot and in general, moisture will wear away at the foundation of the home.

Another problem is that the hardwood stumps which many Queenslander and Colonial style homes were built on will still deteriorate over time. During restumping, your home will also be levelled, exceeding minimum standards every time.

3. Adding Value To Your Home

Whether you are renovating, preparing to sell or preparing to purchase, a newly restumped house has an increased value and attractiveness to potential buyers.

Future maintenance is a top concern for property purchasers and having your house recently restumped proves it has a solid foundation and that any potential future stumping issues have been mitigated.

If you think your home may be in need of restumping or relevelling, call Matt at Bohm Industries on 0438 866 627 to book in a free consultation.

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