• Matt Bohm

How the Seasons Affect Your Foundations

The durability of your home’s foundations are far more affected by the seasons than you might realise, even more so if your home is built with timber stumps than if you were to use steel instead.

Through the changing of seasons, weather patterns change, which causes fluctuation in soil moisture levels. Your home is also subjected to differing rain amounts during these season changes. Summer sees the highest amount of changes ranging from dry heat to drenching rain.

Changing conditions for footings are on both ends of the spectrum which results in continuous movement. The foundation of your home sits below ground level and is built in porous soil. Different types of soils will expand and contract at different rates depending on their grade.

Dry summer weather causes the soil to become dry, which can lead to the soil contracting. Wet weather conversely forces the soil to expand. This cycle of contracting and expanding can wreak havoc on your home’s foundations and eventually cause structural damage. Concrete also expands and contracts, which can lead to cracks that will grow over time.

At Bohm Industries, we recommend keeping an eye out for signs of foundation movement. Key signs to look for are:

  • A sagging roof

  • Doors and windows that are hard to open or close

  • Cracks in walls and/or the ceiling

  • Gaps around exterior doors and windows

  • Sloping floors

Some of these signs are pretty obvious – if there’s cracks in your walls or your doors or windows won’t open and shut properly, you may be looking at foundation damage.

If you suspect that your home has issues with its foundations, Bohm Industries is able to undertake a site visit to determine whether your largest investment needs maintenance and has the ability to provide you with a plan to rectify the issues.

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